2010s Newsletter

Summer/Fall 2018 Newsletter

  • Featured Article: “Louisa May Alcott in the South End” by Rebecca Carpenter and Lauren Prescott
  • “Hot Coffee, Good Conversation” by Alison Barnet
  • Grant Awarded by Mass Humanities

Spring 2018

  • Featured Article: “It Happened on East Newton Street” by Alison Barnet
  • “Reflections on Writing: Boston’s South End” by Lauren Prescott

Fall 2017

  • Featured Article: “Life and Pursuits of the Middle-Class in 1850s South End: The Everett Family” by Corinne Zaczek Bermon
  • The South End Remembered

Spring 2017

  • Featured Article: “From a Modest Craft Operation to a Major Industrial Enterprise: Jonas Chickering and the Piano Factory” by Roberto Poli
  • Portrait of John Davis Williams: SEHS’s Newst Acquisition

Fall 2016

  • Featured Article: “People before Highways: The Southwest Expressway”
  • “The History and Mystery of 558” by Daniel Morast

Summer 2016

  • Featured Article: “Remembering Doe Sprogis” by John Neale
  • “South End Lion” by Paul Wright

Fall 2015

  • Featured Article: “Remembering Richard Card” by Stacen Goldman
  • Walking Tour by Richard Card (first published in the SEHS Spring 1986 Newsletter)
  • South End House Tour
  • “Historically Beautiful: Decor for Stylish Living” by Natalie King
  • Historical Society Takes Stance Against BRA Urban Renewal Plan Extension

Spring 2015

  • Featured Article: “Finding the Hidden History in your Home” by Kate Hathaway Weeks
  • “Building Row Houses: Researching a Rare South End Gem” by John Neale
  • The South End in the MFA
  • Guess that Landmark!

Spring 2014

  • Featured Article: “The Columbia Theatre: A Truly ‘Varied Career'” by Mara Gregory
  • “The Origins of the American Travelling Carnival” by Faye Charpentier
  • “Reflections on Writing about the South End” by Hope Shannon
  • South End Then & Now

Winter 2014

  • Featured Article: “The South End Sun” by Alison Barnet
  • “From the Collections” by Catherine Choquette
  • Spotlight on Events
  • South End Then & Now

Spring 2013

  • Featured Article: “Ralph Horne” by Alison Barnet
  • News from the Executive Director
  • Spotlight on Collections: Lynn’s Most Perfect Baby and Fox Brothers, Grocers by Stacen Goldman and Hope Shannon
  • “South Enders Remember,” Memories from the Old Neighborhood
  • South End Soiree and South End Jazz Open House News

Fall 2012

  • “Donations Expand the Historical Society’s Collections,” by Cara Treen
  • SEHS Annual Report, by SEHS President Michael Leabman
  • South End Landmark District Spotlight: 512-518 Tremont Street, by Hope Shannon

Spring 2012

  • “Loners, Culpritesses, and the Undomiciled,” the story of former South End police officer John Sacco, by Alison Barnet.
  • “A South End Love Story,” finding love at the SEHS Ball.
  • Historical Society News

Summer 2011

  • “Iben Snupin: Fred Shibley and the Midtown Journal,” by Alison Barnet
  • South End Landmark District Update
  • Historical Society News

Spring 2011

  • “Lorin Deland: Renaissance Man” by Alison Barnet
  • Ivory Beane House Faces its Final Days
  • Calendar of Events

Winter 2011

  • “Dr. Merrill Moore, Psychiatrist and Poet” by Alison Barnet
  • 2010 Annual Report
  • 42nd Annual House Tour is a Tremendous Success
  • SEHS Thanks Members

Fall 2010

  • “Remembering a Splendid Block of Houses” by Stephen Jerome
  • South End Landmark Commission Update
  • SEHS Annual Meeting Features William Bulger
  • 44th Annual Spring Ball

Spring 2010

  • “Remembering my Two Lost Neighborhoods” by Gloria Ganno
  • Upcoming Events
  • South End Historical Society Mourns Loss of Two Members
  • New to the SEHS Collections