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The South End House Tour is a self-guided walking tour featuring an inside look at restored and renovated homes in the largest Victorian row house neighborhood in the United States. As always, we are thrilled to feature several special and distinct homes from our historic neighborhood.

This year’s tour also features the South End Burying Ground as a stop along the tour. The Burying Ground will be open for the duration of the tour and a talk about the grounds will be given at 11:00 am and 2:00 pm.

This event is our single fundraiser for the year, and the revenue it generates is essential to the Society’s continued operations and mission to preserve and protect the South End’s history and architectural heritage for current and future generations.

Thank you to our corporate sponsors for their support of this year’s tour!

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Want to learn more about the South End House Tour? Visit our FAQs below!

All proceeds from the South End House Tour are used to support the Historical Society’s ongoing efforts to preserve the neighborhood’s architectural integrity and to promote its rich social history. The House Tour is our biggest fundraiser. Fundraising provides one third of our yearly operating budget and ensures our continued operation.


What is the South End House Tour?
The South End House Tour is a self-guided walking tour of private homes and public spaces in Boston’s historic South End. Tour goers are given a ticket that gains them admission to the homes and a guidebook with descriptions of the homes and a map of the tour route so they can take the tour at their own pace.
When is the Tour?
The South End House Tour is always held on the 3rd Saturday in October from 10 AM – 4 PM.
How long does the Tour take?
For the average healthy person, we usually recommend allotting 2 hours to walk the whole route. However, the Tour does involve climbing stairs and the length of the route varies from year to year, so you might want to allow extra time if have limited mobility or just want to make stops in the South End’s many restaurants and shops along the way.
How much does the Tour cost?
General admission for the Tour is $30 if you purchase your tickets in advance (by credit card, cash, or check), or $35 on the day of the Tour.
Where can I pick up my ticket?
All tickets are available the day of the Tour at Sprogis & Neale Real Estate, 679 Tremont Street. If you purchased your ticket in advance, your name will be on the will-call list at the ticketing table.
How many stops are on the Tour?
There are usually 4-6 homes on the Tour and a few public spaces.
Can I know which houses are on the tour?
Unfortunately not. For the privacy and security of the homeowners who have so generously opened their houses to us, we do not release addresses or details prior to the day of the Tour.
Are there any rules I should be aware of?
Yes. We ask all of our tour-goers to abide by the following:

You may be asked to remove your shoes

Carriages and backpacks must be left outside

Babies should be in your arms

Cell phones should be turned off

Photographing interiors of homes IS NOT allowed

Doors that are closed SHOULD NOT be opened

NO smoking, drinking, and eating in the homes.

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