Living in a Historic District

The South End is a protected Boston Landmark District. The Landmark District Commission reviews all proposed changes to the exteriors of South End buildings as well as changes to other elements present in the South End’s built landscape.

The South End Landmark District Commission holds a public hearing on the first Tuesday of every month at 5:30 pm in Boston City Hall. Occasionally they will hold more than one meeting per month if there are a large amount of review applications.

If you plan to make changes, do repairs, or in any other way change the exterior of a South End building or other South End elements, please contact the South End Landmark District staff at City Hall. They can be reached at 617-635-3850. When calling ask for the Preservation Planner for the South End.

Visit the South End Landmark District’s website for more information about the District’s guidelines, boundaries, application process, and more.