1990s Newsletters

Winter 1991

  • “Confessions of a Landmarks Commissioner,” by John Neale
  • “Preservation and Affordable Housing: Maintaining the Standards and Criteria,” by Pauline Chase-Harrell

Spring 1992

  • “Sidewalks in the South End,” by Arthur F. Howe
  • “Freestone Palace at the South End,” by Stephen Jerome
  • “Betty Gibson Remembered for Her Style and Achievements,” by Robert A. Bennett

Summer 1992

  • “Newly Renovated Hayes Park is Unveiled”
  • “Hurrah for Peace,” by Richard O. Card

Summer 1993

  • “Allen House Makes Top Ten,” by Alan G. Schwartz
  • “A Talk with Susan Park,” by Elizabeth Sippell and Emily Domurad

Fall 1993

  • “Through an Artist’s Eyes”
  • “A Talk with Susan Park, Part II,” by Elizabeth Sippell and Emily Domurad

January 1994

  • “The Mystery of the Missing Fragonards,” by John A. Neale
  • “Down Washington Street,” by Kimberly A. Shilland

Spring 1994

  • “Yankees in the South End,” by Emily Domurad
  • “Yankee Village Comes to Life: Interview with Curator Kimberly A. Shilland,” by Emily Domurad

Summer/Fall 1994

  • “Fire Damages the Porter Houses,” by Kimberly Alexander Shilland

December 1994

  • “Residents Seek Restoration for Chester Square,” by Phebe S. Goodman

Spring 1995

  • “The Residential Squares of Boston’s South End,” by Lee Dunn
  • “Ornamental Cast Iron in the South End,” by Lee Dunn

Summer 1995

  • “Architect’s Impressions of the South End,” by Emily Domurad
  • “Signs of Life Appearing on Washington Street,” by Emily Domurad

Fall 1995

  • “Major Planning Effort Begins for Washington Street”
  • “Continuing the Work at 532 Massachusetts Avenue,” by Stephen Greene

Winter 1995

  • “Mayor’s Announcement is a Milestone for Allen House,” by Stephen Greene
  • “First Phase of Steeple Restoration Completed at Union United Methodist Church,” by Jeanne Pelletier

Spring 1996

  • “A New Life for an Old Mirror,” by John Neale
  • “The Expression of Experience: An Interview with Kahlil Gibran,” by Lee Dunn