Fall at the SEHS


While most people spend the fall picking apples and drinking pumpkin spice lattes, we spend the season thinking about preservation, history, and programming! The fall is one our busiest seasons here at the SEHS and this year it has been especially so. Want to know more about what we’ve been up to? Then read on!

Our 2014 Guidebook Cover
Our 2014 Guidebook Cover


We kicked off our fall programming schedule with everyone’s favorite fundraiser: The South End House Tour! This year’s tour featured 6 private homes that highlighted the drastically different ways modern families have adapted the South End’s historic architecture to their purposes. From the truly Victorian-inspired to the ultra-Contemporary, South Enders have diverse styles and modes of living, but they all share in common a love of our Historic neighborhood. Thanks to the beautiful weather and the support of our homeowners, sponsors, and patrons, this was our most successful House Tour yet! The Tour is fundamental to our continued operation and we’re grateful to everyone who came out to support us on our most important weekend.

An artist at the SEHS Pumpkin Painting Party
An artist at work.

We followed up the Tour with a Pumpkin Painting Party at the Children’s Art Centre last Saturday. Armed with pumpkins, historic coloring sheets, vintage Halloween postcards, and a photo booth, we dressed up, crafted, and played in anticipation of America’s spookiest holiday! Over 20 little attendees (along with their families) showed up to create amazing works of art.

Coming up next we have “Hot or Not in the South End: A Walking Tour about Temperature, History & Neighborhood.” Led by BU Researcher Evan Kuras, the tour will be offered this weekend on November 1st and 2nd at 11 AM and 12 PM respectively. The tour meets at the corner of Dartmouth St. and Warren Ave. and will address Mr. Kuras’ research about temperature in the South End through the lens of history, ecology, and South Enders’ everyday experience.

Rounding out our fall programming, join SEHS Executive Director Stacen Goldman on November 20th for a talk about her favorite holiday, Thanksgiving! Think you know the Thanksgiving story? Well, if you’re thinking Pilgrims, Indians, and a three day feast, then think again! Ms. Goldman’s program will debunk the myths and explore the real history of the modern holiday we all know and love.

We hope you’ve been enjoying our seasonal programming thus far, and we hope to see more of you this November!